Update yourself about the MCA-Vanuatu Project.

Where's the Road at now?

Well goods news is that, the EDI Downer Ltd had been working very hard for the past weeks and months, to join the first layer of tar seal road with the existing tar sealed road at Teouma.
However, it is not yet finish. There are few other infrastructure or road details that needs to be constructed along the last section of the road. There are still other areas where engineers are putting up reliable and rigid structure to stand againts heavy rain, flooding and other natural disasters.

The tar is still understood to be the first layer. There are also other things like drainage and culverts that are still progressing very well on the last section. Yesterday's visit shows women planting grasses to support holding road materials at the should of the road.

Work will continue with tar sealing in Efate, when the road machinery comes back from Santo.