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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Road Update

Santo Work
Very good progress is being made with sealing on Santo and the sealing crew have now progressed through Hog Harbour and reached the Blue Hole at the 50 km mark. It is anticipated that the seal will reach Port Olry this weekend. This new seal is being completed to the full 6 m width. Once the sealing crew have reached Port Olry they will return to the start of the Project length and widen the previously completed seal from 5 m to 6 m.

Efate Work
While awaiting the return of the sealing crew from Santo so that final section of second coat seal between Eton and Rentabao can be completed the construction crews on Efate have been undertaking a series of minor jobs necessary to achieve Project completion. These include entrance construction, quarry rehabilitation and the installation of gabion baskets to protect the road formation near the Mele Cascades.
The planting crew from Eton Village are making good progress with establishing grass in the table drains near the village and will shortly relocate to the La Cressonniere area.
A start will be made on the installation of a two cell box culvert at Dry Creek in late September.

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